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iasset launches channel-friendly Quote-to-Cash offering

iasset has launched an innovative Quote-to-Cash offering set to transform B2B technology sales. This solution enhances the acclaimed ecosystem based Configure Price Quote (CPQ) functionality of the iasset platform, offering a holistic, end-to-end system that is reshaping the revenue process for tech providers.

With the introduction of this new offering, technology vendors, distributors, resellers, and MSPs can now experience unprecedented efficiency. iasset simplifies the sales cycle, enabling a fluid transaction process where customers can easily order, sign, and pay through a secure online platform.

Scott Frew, CEO of, emphasized the shift in market dynamics, noting, "Enterprise customers today expect the speed and flexibility they enjoy as consumers. Many tech companies are hindered by outdated systems that are not only costly, but also time-consuming. With our new module, we address these challenges head-on, delivering a seamless, cost-effective, channel-friendly offering that's built on data-driven insights."

The standout features of the new Quote-to-Cash functionality include:

•    Click-to-Order: A dynamic alternative to excel sheets or static PDFs, allowing customers to choose options directly and complete the order process in a secure online quote.

•    Click-to-Sign: Integration with DocuSign™️ accelerates the compliance and approval processes while simultaneously triggering billing and fulfillment.

•    Click-to-Pay: This feature connects with the customers own bank or payment gateway, enabling instant payments via credit card or purchase orders.

Adding these new features to iasset’s existing data-driven quoting capability means that for the first time ever, the configure-quote-order-fulfill-payment process can now be completed without the need for human intervention, across all three levels of the channel.

Since its inception in 2008, has managed over $20 billion in assets across a global customer base. The platform not only offers advanced CPQ and Quote-to-Cash capabilities but also specializes in renewal automation and data-driven revenue expansion. This makes the preferred platform for the world's top tech brands looking to enhance growth and reduce operational costs.

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