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Land. Invest. Protect. Surrender. - LIPS

The essential, transformative strategy to amplify profitability, increase sales efficiency and drive customer retention.

Our methodology for
customer lifetime extension

In today’s subscription and consumption-driven world, it has never been more important to eliminate the risk of customer churn and protect your existing revenue.

Gone are the days of relying on large, one-off tech purchases as your primary source of revenue. Technology is now consumed in more frequent, lower value transactions as influenced by the rise of the subscription model and ‘everything as a service’ (Xaas). It no longer makes good business sense to pour every resource into customer acquisition.

It’s time to evolve with the market. 

Proactive extension of customer lifetime value is critical for businesses selling hardware, software, and devices which is why we developed our LIPSTM strategy (an acronym for land, invest, protect and surrender), to significantly optimize channel sales and grow your recurring revenue.

Introducing LIPSTM


When you Land a new sale, your efforts shouldn’t stop there — it’s only the beginning!

Increasing overall customer lifetime value starts with collecting comprehensive data because without it, your team is relying on guesswork. At the outset, you will need to capture every possible piece of information required for the customer lifecycle ahead. Treat all data as valuable and you can uncover future sales opportunities using information such as SKUs, install sites, or start and end dates for contracted items.

Maintaining a low cost of sale and speeding up the quoting process for net-new sales is also key, as is ensuring customer adoption to avoid immediate churn.


Customer acquisition certainly has its importance, however, retention lays the foundation for profitable growth.

Invest provides a vital opportunity to demonstrate added value to your customers and partners, while simultaneously growing your own business. Instead of attempting to upsell everything, proactively analyze customer data to anticipate lifecycle events and offer proposals for upgrades, refresh, maintenance, upsell and cross-sell that enable incremental revenue growth.

Think of it as a win-win for your business and customers.


Protect isn’t optional; it's mandatory for those who want to thrive.

Subscription and consumption-based models mean customers can be lost monthly, weekly, or even hourly, which presents additional risk for lapsed renewals or redundant assets. Don’t leave this up to chance. License, maintenance, and tech renewals are the absolute minimum to protect your recurring revenue and keep the customer investment alive, current and useful over its workable life.

To action these lifecycle events efficiently, it requires a fully-automated, predictive renewal management platform that will see your relationships (and revenue) prosper.


Adopt a forward-thinking obsolescence plan to create new sales opportunities with Surrender, the final stage of the LIPS™ strategy.

Eventually, all hardware and software reaches the end of its useful life. This comes as no surprise, so why wait until the asset or device becomes obsolete or unsupported to introduce new technology solutions? You can easily avoid the impacts of obsolescence through proactive preparation for end-of-life or end-of-service.

Not only does Surrender strengthen revenue, but you’ll also solidify customer or partner relationships by demonstrating how vital your role is in their digital strategy.

Discover why LIPS is your first step toward long-term profitability

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How can LIPSTM help you?

Customer success is an ongoing journey that cannot be effectively maintained through spreadsheets or other tools which aren’t designed to handle a dynamic installed base in a channel environment. That’s why you need an intelligent platform to automate time-consuming, labor-intensive manual processes.

Our platform applies the LIPS™ methodology to identify opportunities at every stage of the customer lifecycle and takes automatic action on your behalf.

Service Providers and VARs

IT, IIoT, and MedTech Vendors

As a vendor, empowering your partners to sell more of your products is critical. Together, we help ensure no potential sales opportunity is ever missed.

With your business is equipped to:

  • Increase revenue and retain customers through a lifecycle selling approach
  • Consolidate and track sales and product data to uncover useful insights and trends
  • Build a strong pipeline of aftermarket sales opportunities within your existing base
Solution for Vendors

IT, IIoT, and MedTech Distributors

Don’t risk losing potential revenue to poorly kept data and manual, inefficient processes. Together, we help protect your recurring revenue and boost customer lifetime value.

With your business is equipped to:

  • Extend customer lifetime value through proactive opportunity management
  • Gather real-time insight into all managed contracts and subscriptions
  • Streamline and automate administrative tasks such as quoting and renewals
Solution for Distributors

Service Providers and VARs

Don’t let manual, time-consuming processes get in the way of customer retention and expansion. Together, we can help you demonstrate further value to your end customer so you become a critical advisor to their digital transformation.

With your business is equipped to:

  • Extend customer lifetime value through proactive opportunity management
  • Gather real-time insight into all managed contracts and subscriptions
  • Streamline and automate administrative tasks such as quoting and renewals
Solution for Providers

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