Activate and grow your renewal and cloud programs via a single platform is a cloud-based SaaS platform that has been built to scale maintenance renewal and cloud programs. Watch our video to learn more.

Powering profitable renewals with is a cloud-based SaaS platform that has been built to scale maintenance renewal and cloud programs. Working closely with our customers, our team designs, develops and deploys programs that manage millions of lines of data, interact with complex systems and automate onerous data administrative processes.


Leverage the benefits of with our suite of modules operates via three layered modular approach, which can be configured according to your business processes and needs.

Data modules include the Contract Manager and Install Base Manager, both of which act as repositories to host your important data from which all Activity modules operate, which include Opportunity Manager and Campaign Manager. The Business Intelligence suite is a Performance module, which reports on all the activities performed in the Activity modules. 

Contract Manager
Manage any type of contract or agreement that exists between a buyer and seller. For example, annual supply and service contracts, warranties, managed service provider (MSP) contracts, monthly agreements for the provision of cloud services and contracts between channel partners.
Install Base Manager
Maintain a complete history of all previously sold products and services including serial numbers, estimated useful life, associated contracts and more. The install base manager enables the deployment of renewal growth programs.
Opportunity Manager
Prioritise your and your team’s pipeline based on expiry dates, size of transaction or any other business rule. Enable automatic generation of quotes.
Campaign Manager
Run your product life cycle or marketing promotional campaigns. Create simple workflows to filter relevant items within your database and schedule campaigns to be automatically carried out.
Business Intelligence Suite
Access business intelligence tools to gain insights and reports on the health of your program. Standard dashboards and reports include operational, performance and adoption metrics.

All modules are standard inclusions with an enterprise instance of and are configured during the deployment phase to suit your business processes. 

Other Core Features

As part of every instance, offers additional features that can be customized depending on your business requirements and processes.
Roles Based Access

Roles-based access

Allocate access to anyone selling your products and services including internal and channel members. Restrict views with relevant security controls.
Alert Notifications

Alert Notifications

Schedule notifications to alert internal or channel team members of approaching expiry dates at specific intervals, for example 60, 30, 15, 7 days prior.


Implement business rules and workflows to automatically generate quotes from the install base or contract manager.
Pricing configurators

Pricing Configurators

Incorporate your master product and price lists to ensure accurate auto-quoting. Specialised configurators can also be built and deployed during integration.
International interfaces

International interfaces

Deploy across all global channel partners with over 20 languages available, built in exchanges rates for more than 6 currencies and cultural formats such as dates, time zones and spellings.
Web API integration

Web API integration

Integrate with your ERP, CRM or simply import data from your entitlement, quoting or other systems via a CSV file.