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Automate your customer retention and expansion strategies is the best-in-class SaaS platform used by IT, IoT, and MedTech businesses for automated management of customer retention, expansion and aftermarket sales.

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One platform.
Countless possibilities.

Create your single source of truth

Access a unified, real-time view of product and sales data. captures every detail from assets sold and contract item term dates, to unique identifiers such as SKUs, serial numbers, and license keys.

Automate renewals + subscriptions

Reduce potential revenue leakage with’s alerts for expiring contract items such as warranties, licenses, subscriptions, maintenance, and support. Notifications are sent up to 60 days prior with pre-configured quotes, ready for your sales team, partners, or customers to action.

Extend customer lifetime value

With sales and product data in one place, automatically finds revenue opportunities hidden within your existing customer base. Think upsell, cross-sell, refresh, upgrades, end of life, and end of service opportunities.

Expedite your quoting process speeds up quoting by automatically generating and populating quotes using parameters such as price lists, margins, and/or pricing logic, to save on valuable time.

Distributors and resellers get the added functionality of combining products from multiple vendors into the same quote within their own instance.

Run campaigns that convert

Go one step further by sending your pre-approved quotes to your partner or end customer directly via They will receive an email with the quote attached, ready for approval and you have a full audit trail of activity. You no longer need to rely on staff sending and tracking this within their email accounts.

Drive decisions with business intelligence offers a powerful suite of reports that will provide deep insights into your business. Our business intelligence dashboards and reports include operational, performance, and adoption metrics such as renewal rates, on-time attainment rates, bookings, pipeline, partner performance, sales rep performance, and more.

Other platform features:
API Integrations
Breakdown data silos with integration into Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, ServiceNow, ConnectWise, Xero, and WorkflowMax.
Incorporate master product and price lists to ensure accurate quoting. Specialized configurations can also be built and deployed at integration.
Role-based access
Allocate access to anyone selling your products/services, from internal staff to channel members. They will only see what is relevant to them.
Languages + currencies
Localize the user experience across your global channel or business, with over 24 languages and any currency supported within
Track the exact location and status of install sites via geolocation mapping. See specific details on each asset or device using the map view.
Alert notifications
Alert internal or channel team members of upcoming expiries with notifications scheduled when desired, for example, 60, 30, 15, 7 days prior.
We hold the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for Information Security Management Systems as part of our ongoing commitment to data security.
Business continuity
Our solutions are hosted in Microsoft Azure, with the ability to deploy applications into their global data centers, ensuring minimal downtime.
Distributors and resellers can easily add their own margins within their own instance. These margins auto-populate into quotes.

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All you need to protect and
grow your business

The platform is designed to help you achieve the
following outcomes in the most efficient, proactive, and
cost-effective way.

  • Retain customers and prevent churn
  • Protect recurring revenue streams
  • Extend customer lifetime value
  • Increase aftermarket sales
  • Enable incremental growth
  • Reduce cost of sale
  • Accelerate time to revenue
  • Demonstrate value to customers
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