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Future-proof your business

The iasset platform gives technology vendors the ability to proactively retain and grow revenue and manage their entire installed base in one place.

Purpose-built for Vendors. is all you need to protect and grow your business.

Within product and sales data lies a goldmine of opportunities for optimizing the customer lifecycle, yet disparate systems mean these events often go undetected. Lost revenue and risk of churn, not to mention operational inefficiency, are a given for businesses poorly managing their lifecycle sales.

With as your single source of truth, you have a consolidated, real-time view of the entire installed base which makes customer retention and revenue extension a reality. Automate time-consuming manual processes, streamline renewal management and expedite quoting from hours, down to minutes.

By leveraging the platform, you are freed to focus on delivering more value to your customers and partners in an efficient, cost-effective way.


Unlock untapped revenue

Empower your partners to sell more of your products and services by proactively identifying and quoting on each lifecycle opportunity. From upsell, cross-sell, upgrades, refresh, and maintenance, through to end of life and end of support alternatives, your growth opportunities are endless.

  • Extend customer lifetime value
  • Enable incremental revenue growth via aftermarket sales
  • Strengthen customer success

How it works’s rule-based wizard identifies upsell, cross-sell or refresh opportunities within your installed asset base. It will even automatically generate pre-priced quotes, ready for immediate action by your partners.

Once a sale is closed, updates with the latest product or service information for the next lifecycle event.


Control sales data

Get a real-time, consolidated view into your entire installed base, POS, and partner sales data, and monetize it with ease. Centralization of data provides your team with valuable insights that help drive customer success.

  • Get visibility and insights into sales in/sales out
  • Consolidate and control your data
  • Prepare customer success strategies

How it works consolidates, validates, and ensures ongoing accuracy of your sales and product data via API integrations into your existing systems, data imports, as well as bookings closed through the platform.

Plus, every piece of information is captured such as install sites, SKUs, part numbers, and contract start and end dates, unlike a regular CRM, CPQ, or ERP.


Automate subscriptions + renewals

Eliminate your team’s administrative burden and the cost of managing subscriptions and renewals, particularly for repetitive, lower-value transactions. Ongoing management becomes simple when driven by automation, allowing you to do away with laborious manual processes.

  • Protect recurring revenue streams
  • Retain customers and prevent churn
  • Reallocate resources to focus on what matters

How it works proactively flags expiring contract items such as warranties, licenses, subscriptions, maintenance, and support, so you no longer need to scour through copious data. The platform will then automatically send alert notifications containing pre-configured quotes for partners to act on.


Accelerate quoting

Cut down on wasted time and create large, complex quotes in a matter of minutes. Quotes are automatically calculated using your current pricing logic such as price lists and yearly uplifts, saving you considerable manual effort. Now you can redirect the focus from administrative tasks to sales while sending out more quotes.

  • Increase quantity and speed of delivery
  • Reduce the cost of sale
  • Improve quoting accuracy

How it works automatically generates quotes, no matter the complexity, based on your set pricing logic. The platform also allows bulk configuration or pricing updates including the creation of new quote versions, before sending them to customers in your pre-defined format.

Deployment of has enhanced our customer experience. The platform allows us to improve our deliveries, by including our channel partners and their inventories as an integral part of our overall supply chain process.

Director of Channel Excellence,
Leading Industrial Automation Provider

Lifecycle optimization is just one click away

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Frequently asked questions

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Can’t my IT team build this platform in-house instead?

Building software in-house isn’t as straightforward or cost-effective as it seems. In fact, we’ve witnessed countless companies try and fail. The vast majority never finish and even if they do, the software is usually inferior to any SaaS available on the market. And let’s not ignore the significant time, expertise, and resource requirements for ongoing maintenance.

We know firsthand it takes over 12 years, a large team of developers (who understand channels), and deep knowledge of the world’s best operational practices from a variety of companies and verticals to create software comparable to the platform. Let us save you the headache.

Still not convinced? Read more.

What if my product and sales data is “bad”?

The concept of “bad” data is unfortunately a persistent misconception. Often data is poorly organized for asset lifecycle management, but it’s not inherently bad since it can be restructured and turned into useful information.

You don’t need to wait until your data is cleansed before activating your lifecycle strategy. Simply load what you have into and it will consolidate and clean it for you. The platform will “build as you go” and create device/asset or contract records with each new install. 

Want to know more? Read more.

Can’t we use or adapt our existing CRM, ERP, CPQ or ITSM application?

Traditional CPQs and CRMs are geared to handle less complex, net-new sales, not a dynamic channel business built on ongoing customer success and lifecycle sales.

Additionally, is not intended to replace your CRM, ERP, or other critical business applications. We recommend you leverage the platform in unison with existing technologies to better service your customers and facilitate growth.

Got a question we haven’t answered?

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