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Case Study

Atturra Managed Services Elevates its Sales Operations


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Managed Services Provider Atturra, boosts revenue optimisation and client satisfaction with the help of the platform.

About the Company

Atturra is an Australian-born, ASX-listed advisory and IT solutions business. The company has over 800 employees working across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong. Atturra offers end-to-end digital transformation services for its clients. Partnering with category-leading global technology providers, they offer scalable, expert solutions.

The Challenge

With a rapidly increasing client base within its Managed Services business, and a strong focus on delivering quality outcomes for its clients, Atturra recognised the need to streamline and automate elements of its sales operations to enable the company to scale. Valuable salespeople were burdened with manual, repetitive and time consuming administrative tasks, limiting their capacity for proactive selling and value-added services to clients. As a result, Atturra searched for a platform that would help achieve the following:

  • Automate and streamline the management of renewals and Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).
  • Eliminate repetitive data entry by integrating platforms for finance, quoting and opportunity management.
  • Develop targeted campaigns using a platform that offers robust campaign management capabilities.
  • Gain useful data insights for more informed decision making.
  • Enhance client service levels by reducing response times and being more proactive, with the help of automation.

The Solution

Atturra Managed Services chose the iasset platform to help digitise and expedite three key parts of their sales operations: quoting (CPQ), expansion campaigns (upsell, cross-sell, upgrade, refresh, end of service, end of life (EOS/EOL) and renewal management.

As a platform built to address the specific needs of the channel, iasset plays a critical role in expediting processes, facilitating revenue growth, reducing operational costs, and freeing up resources. Atturra’s sales team no longer need to spend time manually entering orders, creating quotes, chasing renewals, or building sales campaigns, as iasset automates these tasks.

iasset’s API functionality ensures seamless integration into Atturra’s existing systems, and this integration was a key requirement in the selection process. Integrations are crucial for allowing the Atturra team to convert new opportunities into projects and agreements and in ensuring that critical information does not get lost in the process. iasset acts as a holistic platform to streamline their entire operations.


Atturra’s sales team underwent a remarkable transformation with the introduction of iasset. By automating previously manual processes, their team achieved a significant shift in focus. They are now freed from the burden of administrative work and can channel their energy and expertise into providing exceptional client service and engaging in proactive selling strategies. This shift has not only boosted their operational efficiency but has also empowered their team to deliver additional value to their clients.

So far, iasset has already played a pivotal role in revenue optimisation and client satisfaction for Atturra’s Managed Services business, by minimising the risk of client churn associated with missed renewals. This will have a direct and positive impact on Atturra’s bottom line, making the investment in iasset a strategic financial decision.

Why iasset?

Atturra’s decision to choose iasset was the result of a detailed evaluation process aimed at finding a solution that not only met their immediate needs, but also aligned with their long-term strategic goals. Several key requirements played a pivotal role in this selection:

  • Ability to integrate seamlessly with multiple existing systems.
  • Proven track record reinforced by client references and experience.
  • Strategic alignment with Atturra’s long-term strategic objectives.


Download the full case study here.



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