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A short explainer video about Discover why it is the leading platform for customer success, retention and renewals for tech providers.

Retaining existing customers and extending their lifetime value is essential for today’s technology providers.

No matter what type of technology you sell – IT, OT or even Medical devices, customer success and retention can be challenging, especially when operating within a channel environment. 

And that’s where the platform adds value, because it’s purpose built for vendors, distributors and resellers. will help you manage every stage of your customer or asset lifecycle – from net-new sales to revenue extension opportunities including upsell, cross-sell, refresh and maintenance to contract renewals and end of life or service.

Not only does it automatically identify these opportunities, it will also create pre-priced quotes, ready for immediate action by your customers or partners, saving you a significant amount of time and money.

So, ditch the spreadsheets and tools not fit for purpose. Deliver more value to your customers and partners, and grow your revenue in an efficient, cost-effective way with

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