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Common Challenges for Resellers/VARs



Today, I will talk about some of the key challenges experienced by resellers that we speak to, and how Lite can help solve these problems.

In most cases, when we first engage with resellers, their greatest challenge is not having the means to proactively identify and quote opportunities across the product lifecycle � whether for new business, upsell/cross-sell, renewals and EOL/EOS - in an efficient, cost-effective way � or in some cases at all. As a result, this has a detrimental effect on customer retention, recurring revenue, customer lifetime value and ultimately, profitability.
Typically, their challenges are due to a number of reasons, such as:

  •  Inadequate data of previously sold or supported products or services,
  • Inability to identify and quote renewals and upsell or cross-sell opportunities effectively, and/or
  • Being overly reliant on suppliers to identify upcoming renewals or opportunities

The good news is, lite solves all these issues for resellers.

So, the first reason I mentioned before was inadequate data. But no matter what data you have, or where it sits, you can upload this to and it will start identifying opportunities for you immediately. And even if you don�t have historical installed asset data to upload, that�s ok. You can start building your installed base as you go by automatically creating installed assets from each booking made through the platform.

The benefit here is that you will have full control over your installed base and no longer need to rely on your suppliers for information. This can then also be used to start managing sales opportunities across the product and customer lifecycle. You have the ability to uncover and action more opportunities that will help grow your business, in an automated, cost-effective manner.

In addition,�s real-time reporting gives your leadership team greater visibility into your business and the ability to drive proactive, strategic sales activities.

And for those resellers who run managed service contracts or a subscription business � for example CSPs or MSPs � come to us because they�re struggling to build a consolidated, real-time view into all managed service or subscription contracts and opportunities, while eliminating the manual burden and cost of managing these. The result being that they struggle to run and then scale their managed service or subscription business, impacting the value they take to their customer.

With the platform � inclusive of�s Solano offering � you can capture all of your managed services or subscription contracts providing real-time visibility into everything actively under contract.

With the contracts captured, significantly reduces the manual burden related to managing the recurring revenue/periodical billing against these contracts, through to gaining further investment and protecting the contract by way of up-sell or cross-sell campaigns and then the renewal of the contract as it nears expiry. In doing this, you will be freed from the manual effort required to manage your business, enabling scalability and the ability to demonstrate additional value to your customer thanks to greater contract visibility and insights.

The other most notable issue or need that resellers tell us about, is the sheer time and effort it takes to identify, configure, price, quote and then revise those quotes for any type of opportunity and the lack of confidence in accuracy of the quote, pricing and margins. The impact here is that they do not quote all of the total available opportunity � immediately resulting in lost business � through to late bookings, achieving lower margin through a lack of margin controls, and having to continually invest in additional resources to sustain the business, especially as the business grows.

By deploying lite, you will able to speed up the quoting process and automate the management for any type of product lifecycle sales opportunity. It will also help you enforce margin controls to protect the value of your existing business, while also freeing up resources to manage more of the available opportunity. In addition, you will easily be able to scale and respond to increased demand, whilst demonstrating value to your customers at all times across the entire product lifecycle.

So if you have watched this video and can relate to any of these issues/needs, then the next step is to reach out to your regional sales office. We look forward to hearing from you.



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