Solano® – Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use my free trial?
Customers are provided with a 30 day free trial on signup. This means that you can use Solano for 30 days from signup without being charged, and any data imported and processed within that 30 day period is to be excluded from service charges. To avoid service charges beyond the 30 day trial, you are simply required to not import additional data/files into the Solano platform after this 30 day period. If you do not use the service after the initial free trial period, there will be no further charges. Any usage of Solano after the 30 day trial period will result in charges being applied to your provided card.


How much am I charged? applies a 0.68% service charge to the total value throughput of your customers’ cloud transactions (“Chargeable Volume”). The service charge is applied against the the margin-up amounts. The chargeable volume includes the value of any credit items that appear (as negative amounts). For example, credited prorate amounts or refunds are converted to absolute amounts that are subject to service charges.

What is “Chargeable Volume”?
Chargeable Volume is a column that appears in your Service Charges page. Our Service Charges are not applied to the displayed Customer Price. Instead applies charges to the total chargeable throughput volume in all of your customer data, even to credits that appear as negatives. Customer Price may include credits which affects that amount that for which your customers are invoiced. The impact is that your Chargeable Volume may be more than the Customer Price in some circumstances.

When am I charged?
Service charges are calculated monthly on the first day of each month, in arrears, and based on any imported data that has not yet been billed for (and eligible for free trial). Any imported transactions that are outstanding prior to the first day of the month are included in the service charge calculation. Service fees are then charged to your provided card details on the 15th of each month.


How does Solano handle credits?
Credits (or refunds) are an important part of cloud billing data. Any credits in your data are factored in when processing, and are reflected when billing totals are generated. Solano tracks the customers and products for which credits are received. Both the credit to you and the credit to customer are displayed in your portal. At any time you can drill into the historical data to review which services received credits, and how they affected totals.


We Use A Third Party Company to Securely Process Your Payments does not store your credit card details on our systems. When you enter and submit credit information, technology supplied by our gateway provider tokenizes the data such that it does not get stored on our servers. Card information is sent to our provider complying with PCI using SAQ-AEP stores the name given on your credit card and the expiry date in our systems to help you recognise which card details you may have previously provided. If you require more information, please contact us via 


How do I use Solano to bill my customers?
At the end of the import process, a customer focused billing summary is available for you to [download (link to download billing)] for each month. Your billing file aggregates all of your billing data across cloud service providers into one monthly report that can be imported into your accounting software. You can continue to use your accounting system to pass invoices to your customers.

Can I request custom ERP billing document downloads?
We are expanding our billing document download formats. Our aim is to make importing data into your accounting system as easy as possible. If you have a request for custom formats to import your data more smoothly to your ERP, get in touch with us via to start a conversation.


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