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Solano® - the fast, accurate cloud billing solution

Significantly reduce your costs, time wastage and risk of human error with the transformative cloud billing platform designed to support Microsoft Cloud Service Providers.

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Accelerate your time to revenue

Don’t waste another minute analyzing large and complex reconciliation files from your Cloud Service Provider. If your team is manually keying in thousands of lines of consumption data to invoice your customers, then it’s time to shift to Solano®!

Solano® automatically converts your customer’s consumption data into billing information ready for your ERP system to invoice. Simply import your reconciliation files and within seconds Solano® takes care of the rest. Now you can combine monthly usage and pricing information for each end customer and leverage data visibility to drive sales opportunities.

There is no minimum spend. No setup costs. No subscription fees — we simply do not charge you unless you use Solano®.

How it works

Solano® is so easy to use, you will be billing customers in no time.

How does Solano cloud billing work_

How it works

How does Solano® cloud billing work?

Solano cloud billing platform

The benefits

Solano® cloud billing platform

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Discover the benefits

  • Free your team of administrative burden
  • Reduce costs significantly
  • Capture revenue in seconds, not days
  • Eliminate human error
  • Enhance productivity
  • Reduce cloud revenue leakage
  • Improve data integrity and accuracy
  • Increase cloud cash flows

What's the cost?

There is no minimum spend, no setup costs, or other subscription fees — we simply do not charge you unless you use Solano®. Get an estimate now using our handy Solano® calculator.

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Once you have signed up to Solano®, you have unlimited access to use the platform for 30 days at absolutely no cost. Charges will only apply if you use the service after the trial period end date.

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