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Service Providers

As the critical interface to the end customer, Service Providers play an ever-increasing role in supporting the deployment and upkeep of new technologies and services, delivered via consumption or subscription-based models. Yet processing these monthly transactions can be challenging.

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Recurring Revenue

If like many Service Providers, your monthly recurring revenue business is handled via spreadsheets, manual processes, or technology that isn’t fit for purpose – it’s time to consider something more robust. By automating and streamlining the management of your consumption and subscription contracts, can help:

  • Maintain a holistic view of entire customer base
  • Automate billing and payment processes
  • Lower operational costs
  • Eliminate risk of missed revenue
  • Gain actionable insights for better decision making

Manage Cloud Billing

If your team is manually keying in thousands of lines of consumption data to invoice your customers, then it’s time to shift to Solano! Solano will automatically convert your customer’s cloud consumption data into billing information ready for your ERP system to invoice.

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  • Reduce costs significantly
  • Time to revenue in seconds rather than days
  • Increase cloud cashflow
  • Eliminate human error
  • Enhance productivity
  • Prevent cloud revenue leakage
  • Improve data integrity and accuracy

Manage Cloud Revenue

If cloud revenue and subscriptions are your lifeblood, then don’t leave it to chance.
With, you can automatically track and manage usage, and initiate billing for every single cloud contract.
  • Consolidate all cloud contracts into a single repository
  • Deploy across your entire channel
  • Integrate with your ERP or CRM
  • Monitor trends by product/partner/geography
  • Implement upsell/cross-sell campaigns

Manage Product Lifecycle

Pro-actively manage your product lifecycle to increase revenue and eliminate customer churn. makes it easy to drive growth opportunities with existing customers via tech refresh, upgrade and/or migration campaigns based upon where they are within the product lifecycle.
  • Automatically program and deploy campaigns or promotions
  • Trigger alerts when products reach end of life or service
  • Create automatic, pre-validated opportunities using pricing tiers and certifications
  • Gain full visibility into all of your customers’ installed products

Manage Maintenance Renewals

Make your renewals process as painless as possible, and grow recurring revenue at the same time. automates the renewal process for all hardware or software maintenance contracts. Boost on-time renewal rates for any opportunity size, with minimal effort.
  • Convert quotes to cash faster with automated quoting
  • Gain real-time visibility into entire installed base
  • Send automatic reminders with pre-prepared quotes from 120 days out
  • Integrate into your ERP and CRM
  • Leverage live dashboards and report

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“ certainly helped us take control of our business and create a more profitable model for us and our partners.”

Director - Strategic Operations CSP BusinessVMWARE

Business Intelligence

Gain valuable insights regarding your recurring revenue business. Our dashboards and reports offer operational, performance and adoption metrics to help evaluate the success of your renewal and cloud programs.

Professional Services

We offer a range of additional services that help our clients maximize the value and use of the platform.

  • Renewal Growth Programs: Our experts offer solutions to help grow and expand your renewal programs.
  • Data Enrichment Programs: We can help manage, monitor and maintain the health of your data.

Check out our ebook on transitioning to a cloud consumption model.