Other Industries

The iasset.com platform can be utilized in any organization managing product lifecycles through their respective channels to market.

Financial Services

iasset.com offers installed base management solutions for organizations operating within the commercial equipment financing space.

  • Identify and track the location and history for every single asset
  • Manage each asset/device throughout its entire product lifecycle
  • Ensure data integrity, auditing mechanisms and accurate billing
  • Report back to customers more effectively
  • Integrate into other internal systems to ensure better data flow and accuracy

“It’s critical we have accurate and detailed asset tracking capabilities that not only serve our internal requirements, but offer solution providers and end users with accurate asset utilisation and cost data, which can also capture/manage data specific to their individual requirements – iasset.com allows us to do this in a detailed and granular manner with infinite scalability.”

Ken Richards | General Manager – CommercialFlexiGroup

Industrial IoT

We work some of the biggest names within industrial automation industry, offering Point of Sales (POS) data management solutions to assist with effective tracking of all inventory sold. For example, iasset.com is the platform of choice for Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), who leverage iasset.com to accurately track their inventory throughout their global channels for every product lifecycle.

  • View, analyze and interpret sales data in one place, with ease
  • Track partner sales history, performance and reporting compliance
  • Leverage intelligent reporting at geo/market/partner level

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