Business Intelligence offers a powerful suite of reporting tools that will help you gain deep insights into your data. From descriptive to predictive analytics, we’ve got you covered.

Reporting Metrics

We deliver a holistic view into your entire product lifecycle, which is why we offer a wide range of standard reports as part of your instance. What’s more, users can customise their dashboards to show information that is most relevant to them.

Take control of your recurring revenue business with these useful insights:

  • Bookings - by week/forecast/opportunity
  • Pipeline analysis
  • On-time attainment rates
  • Renewal rates including history
  • Cancelled/Lost Renewals
  • Partner performance
  • Renewal representative performance

InGRID. A view into your future.

Predictive analytics is more than just a buzz word, and for good reason. More and more organizations are harnessing the power of their data to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge. Yet, not all businesses have the resources or time required to achieve this.

Meet InGRID – the first channel focussed AI! InGRID learns from your past to give you a view into your future. With her purpose-built machine learning algorithms, she can dissect your data sets and forecast outcomes. The more history she has, the more accurate she becomes.

Closure ratesInGRID predicts closure rates for your product lifecycle opportunities, well ahead of time.
Geo heat mapsInGRID’s geographic heat maps allow you to
visualize your strongest and weakest regions.
YoY trendsGet a detailed, year on year comparison of past sales, renewal rates, and on-time attainment – all in a single view.
Cross-filteringYour InGRID dashboard allows instant cross-filtering by customer, partner or account manager.
Every TierInGRID works across every level of the channel – Vendors, Distributors and Aggregators to VARs and Service Providers.

It doesn’t end there – like any intelligent system, the more InGRID learns the more insights she will reveal about your business.

Want more? Contact us for a detailed demonstration.