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Create infinite customer lifecycles

Retain customers and expand lifetime value for long-term profitability.


Protect and grow your existing customer base is the SaaS platform enabling you to execute customer retention and success strategies in a smart, cost-effective way. No matter your channel role, you can benefit from the automation of complex processes within your sales and service functions.

  • Minimize risk of churn
  • Enable incremental revenue
  • Reduce operational costs


We empower technology providers is the unrivaled platform purpose-built for IT, IIoT, and MedTech vendors, distributors, and resellers. Leveraging decades of industry experience across our team, we understand the nuances of working within a channel environment. That’s why no other platform comes close to addressing your challenges and objectives like

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The Platform

Automate with the platform

Say goodbye to ineffective tools that can’t handle a dynamic installed base in a channel environment. Since 2008, we have continued to perfect to ensure it is the best-in-class SaaS platform for managing customer retention, expansion, and aftermarket sales.

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Our Methodology

Land. Invest. Protect. Surrender – LIPS

Get more from your existing customer base by adopting a lifecycle sales approach. LIPSTM is our methodology for customer lifecycle extension, an acronym that brings together the customer journey stages of Land, Invest, Protect and Surrender. Take the first step toward your long-term profitability by leveraging the LIPSTM Strategy.

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