Renewal quotes can be some of the most time-consuming quotes to prepare with specialists consolidating data from up to seven different systems. It’s no wonder they can take days or weeks to complete (and that’s even before any amendment requests!).

Converting quotes to cash as quickly as possible is a priority for any business to ensure healthy cash flows and timely revenue recognition.


Automate your quoting and renewal workflows

With the quoting function, automated workflows will produce quotes at least 90 days before expiry. These can be validated or distributed directly to the customer via email or client branded portals.

Alert notifications can be customized to generate reminders at different intervals in the lead up to the expiry date (for example, 60, 30, 15, 7 and 1).


Process more renewals on-time

By notifying customers well in advance of contract expiry dates with regular reminders, renewals can be processed on-time, helping bring the cash into the business faster. 


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