Automate the renewal process to boost your revenue and on-time renewal rates

Annuity revenue streams such as maintenance renewals on hardware and software contracts provide a desirable source of income for any company. They generally have higher profitability margins and their consistent and recurring nature makes them attractive for planning and forecasting future company growth and opportunity.

Yet, processing renewals is not as easy as net new sales. For example, they typically require extensive data collection, consolidation and manipulation from multiple systems, causing lengthy delays in quoting, ultimately slowing down quote to cash periods. 


How solves the renewal management problem takes the hard work out of managing and processing renewals by consolidating data from typical business process systems such as ERPs, CRMs and any other source such as entitlement, POS or even a spreadsheet.

Based on this consolidation, an entire list of renewable items is created from which quotes are automatically generated at a specified interval prior to expiry date (usually 120 or 90 days before).  

Depending on the business rules and requirements, quotes can then be automatically distributed without any intervention on the part of a renewal specialist, eliminating the administrative and data management work normally associated with processing renewals. For higher value renewals or key accounts, quotes can be presented to the renewal specialist for validation before publication.

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Increase revenue and profitability

Increase revenue and profits through greater capacity of renewals teams to engage more with customers by automating and shortening quote-to-cash process times.

Improve productivity

Improve the productivity of existing team members by automating quoting and contract renewal processes as well as reduce operational cost.

Increase customer retention rates

Generate better customer retention and engagement rates from a greater focus on customers as a result of a lower administrative workload of renewal teams.

Solution Features

Convert Quotes to Cash
Any update made to a quote, contract or asset detail in will automatically be published to all other systems linked to it, saving hours, even days that your specialists or channel partners spend on sending email requests, re-quoting and reconciling data.
Deploy to your Channel Partners
Regardless of where you sit within the IT sales channel, can be deployed to you and to your channel partners based on your process requirements. Import data from any partner system into to ensure systems are up-to-date and reliable.
Track Every Stage of the Opportunity Pipeline
In order to forecast revenue from renewals, it’s essential to track progress of every sales opportunity and stage of the renewal cycle. With, you can view what’s been booked, to be booked, overdue, lost or cancelled within any given time frame.
Review Reports and Dashboards
To truly understand the performance of your renewal business, you need to be able to measure relevant metrics. offers every instance owner a specific list of reports that is used to measure performance at the individual, team or organization level.
Web API Integration can be deployed as a standalone platform or it integrates seamlessly into your existing business systems, such as ERPs and CRMs or any other system that supports web services or has APIs available.
Manage Upgrade and Other Campaigns
Incorporate your upsell, cross-sell and win-back campaigns using our Product Life Cycle Management solution.

Selling cloud products?

Find out how can automate the process for monthly cloud consumption or cloud subscription contracts.