Pro-actively manage your product life cycles to increase revenue; eliminate customer churn

With the complexity and volume of products and services on the market, it’s vital to monitor your customer’s assets and manage your product life cycles to ensure they are active and well-maintained.

In addition, there is a significant opportunity to unlock more value from your customers through pro-active refreshes, upgrades or migrations to newer products and services.

Managing this process through an indirect channel can become even more challenging, with multiple systems housing data such as a product, pricing and service history to prepare and execute these product-related campaigns. Therefore, opportunities can be easily missed resulting in potential lost revenue. 


How helps you manage the product life cycle supports channel companies to track and manage every product or service in their own instance to drive growth and opportunities from existing customers through tech refresh, upgrade and/or migration.

Using the campaign manager, quotes can be automatically created with a pre-validated new product opportunities based on pre-defined campaign rules (including pricing tiers and certifications). These leads can then be integrated into your CRM for follow-up by sales representatives or be deployed into instances and accessed by your channel partners.

Monitor the status of all campaign activities to evaluate which are performing best or adjust campaign features where required. 


Increase revenue from customers

Maximize the opportunity to maintain healthy relationships with existing customers as well as sell more to them.

Simplify complex channel processes

Eliminate the time and effort associated with deploying new campaigns through the channel by providing pre-validated opportunities.

Monitor adoption of new offerings

Track the results of your new products and services to obtain unparalleled insights into the adoption of your innovations.

Solution Features

Track Your Assets offers visibility into all your customer’s installed products. This provides a source of valuable future opportunities for you and also significant value to your end customers by helping them prepare and manage future expenditure.
Manage Upgrade and Other Campaigns
Automatically program campaigns based on pre-defined campaign rules to create quotes and trigger alerts when products reach end of life, end of support or even other promotions.
Deploy to Your Channel Partners
Instantly deploy new or promotional campaigns into your channel partners by providing access to your portal. Allocate training for any new products or services using the Channel Intelligence suite of tools to ensure partners are ready and prepared to respond to customers.
View in real-time exact locations of un-renewed or aged products and empower partners or sales representatives to immediately follow up.
Web API Integration
Integrate into your existing business systems such as ERP, CRM, or into your partners or indeed any other system that supports web services or has APIs available.
Optimize your product lifecycle campaigns with Renewal Growth Programs