Derive relevant insights from your channel data to make better, more intelligent decisions 

As a vendor operating with a network of channel providers, the more sales data and information you obtain from your partners the better. It helps you manage inventory, identify which products and regions are performing best and more.

Yet, it can be challenging to view, analyze and interpret the sales information you’re receiving from them. Rarely (if at all) do two partners provide you with same format of data that can be easily integrated into your systems.  


How helps vendors solve the POS data problem takes the hard work out of merging data sources received from your ERP and your partners ERPs.

By automating through business rules, will cleanse, auto-correct and validate the data so that you will be able to view a consolidated and accurate picture of all partner POS activity.

Analyze partner sales history, performance and reporting compliance, helping you make better and more intelligent strategic decisions as well as anticipate market changes and manage inventory. 



Eliminate guesswork

Leverage business intelligence tools to help you manage channels, ensuring well-informed actions rather than decisions based on guesswork.

Improve productivity

Automated cleansing, validation and auto-correction ensure your teams are spending time analysing and taking actions, not reconciling data.

Reward appropriately

Your partners are your lifeblood, rewarding them appropriately ensures you keep them motivated to sell your products and services.

Solution Features

Manage Reporting Compliance
Are some of your partners better at submitting data than others? With the POS solution, you will be able to view exactly who has and hasn’t submitted data.
Easy for Partners to use
With two simple clicks, partners can seamlessly upload their POS feeds for to cleanse, validate and process ready for vendor viewing, removing any barriers to partner cooperation.
Predict sales trends
Identify best performing segments and plan your business accordingly. Equally, identify non-performing areas and run campaigns to revitalise.
Scale platform can be scaled to manage the channels of thousands of companies - only when you have a completely holistic view, can your sales actions be truly meaningful.
Track your install base automatically creates a comprehensive install base that can be later used to run renewal, upgrade, upsell and cross-sell campaigns.
Take your POS solution to the next level with our integrated automated renewals management module. To learn more about this visit our Renewals Management page.