Capture your missing cloud revenue with our user-friendly platform; deploy it across your entire channel 

With the IT industry moving quickly to the cloud, many customers are expecting vendors to offer them new cloud-based contracts that are payable on a monthly basis rather than as an annual renewal. Cloud contracts are typically sold as subscriptions or on consumption, based on a usage charge.

Processing these monthly transactions can be really challenging, especially when you operate with a network of channel partners. Many vendors therefore rely on spreadsheets to calculate usage and process their monthly billings, which over time can become unwieldy, time-consuming and unmanageable leading to data inaccuracies and consequently lost revenue. 

How helps you manage your cloud contracts supports vendors to track and manage the usage and initiate the billing of every single cloud contract. By creating automated workflows and processes that guide your channel partners to provide the necessary data, empowers vendors to simplify their cloud billing process and eliminate any reliance on spreadsheets.

For example, every month, once the billing cycle is completed, an email alert is generated to your partners to complete the transaction on behalf of his or her customers. Follow-up notifications can be sent at regular intervals to drive greater closure.

Vendors can then track the status of all these partner activities using dashboards, prompting further action where required. As a result, frees vendors from managing the data collection and billing as well as eliminating revenue leakage from cloud contracts. 


Increase accuracy and control

As your cloud programs grow, it’s important that the right controls and processes for managing data are in place. By actively tracking the status of collection activities, data accuracy and accountability will improve.

Improve channel loyalty

Track and reward partners that comply with your program rules via incentives or rebates to ensure you keep them motivated and build their ongoing loyalty.

Enable global business growth

Scale your program quickly to incorporate your entire channel. Global deployments can be supported with multi-language and multi-currency as well as culturally sensitive interfaces.

Solution Features

Manage Complex and High Volumes of Data
With any monthly based program, the quantity of transactions increases 12x resulting in a higher volume of data to manage. offers a user-friendly data collection and processing portal, removing the need for internal teams to manually manage data
Track and Report Cloud Revenue
The reporting frameworks allow quick and easy access to viewing, tracking and forecasting cloud revenue. Identify delinquencies and overages to ensure correct billing.
With a straight forward, easy to use workflow, your partners can login to to complete any data reporting requirements or activities on behalf of their customers.
cross-sell opportunities
Having insight into your customer’s cloud services usage enables specific targeting of new products or services, such as upsell and cross sell. Pre-define your growth programs to trigger alerts to partners to promote them
Web API Integration integrates into your existing business systems. can be deployed to work seamlessly with most ERPs and CRMs or any other system that supports web services or has APIs available.
Managing annual maintenance contracts as well? Find out how can manage any type of contract all within the one system.