The success of your renewal program relies on your ability to grow it

Underpinning the performance and your success with the platform is the ability to leverage insights and business intelligence to grow your renewal program.

“ is not just another technology provider!”

You probably hear that from every vendor, but we’d like to show how we differ.

For all our customer implementations, we will partner with you every step of the way. From on-boarding through to post-implementation support, teams will provide expertise and experience on how best to grow and expand your renewal programs.

Using the underlying data, we will work with you to recommend a series of programs where revenue enhancement opportunities exist, ensuring that your system is optimized to seamlessly implement them. 


Typical Renewal Growth Programs are:

Maintenance attach and Warranty conversion

This program is targeted at products that have been sold either with a base warranty only or with no service agreement. By interrogating the data, we will work with you to identify high priority (revenue) areas to target first and presents these opportunities to your internal or channels teams via automatic quote generation for quick closure.

End of Life (EOL) or End of Support (EOS)

Based on your business rules and sales strategies, we will help you identify products that are coming to their EOL or EOS. As part of the process, we will create automated workflows to pre-select and quote the most appropriate new product for the customer to buy.

Tech Refresh

This program enables the tracking of all assets sold, we can help you identify and target specific products for upgrade, migration or technology refresh campaigns. This ensures that you continue to renew your relationship with the customer, even though it might not be appropriate to renew a legacy contract.


Win-back programs are suitable in scenarios where prior year renewals have been lost. will maintain records of these losses and alert teams with automatic quotes at the specified interval before the next renewal is due. Our specialist team will ensure these are set up and ready to go based on your business rules and configurations.

Rebate Manager

This program measures the performance of channel partners and automatically calculates performance aligned to a channel rebate program. In conjunction with the platform, we can provide visibility of achievement versus targets and automate the initiation of the payment plans to each individual partner.

Rescue and Long Tail Programs

The rescue and long-tail programs can be embedded within your company’s processes or form part of the Sweeper offering. Focused on driving expired or low value (long-tail) renewal opportunities to closure, offers support teams that are completely committed to bringing every expired or long-tail opportunity to close.

The program is designed to drive higher customer retention, business intelligence and a financial return. As a bespoke program with you in the driving seat, benefits include regular in person reviews and unlimited access to the program sales leader.