Accurate data is the foundation of any useful information

Data is the lifeblood of system and in order to truly maximize the value from the platform, it’s vital that data accuracy is maintained. 

Having said that, our implementations always involve an initial data validation exercise to ensure the inputs are cleansed if required and any workflows to automatically correct data discrepancies are created as part of the process.

For your ongoing data management needs, offers a Data Enrichment Program to empower you to maximize the use and value of your system.

What does the Data Enrichment Program offer?

Leverage our dedicated Concierge team of highly trained data experts to manage, monitor and maintain the data health of, providing full platform oversight and support. With coverage options for up to 24 hours a day, teams can be deployed to encompass all global time zones ensuring you have dedicated support at all time. Typical activities include:
Maintain data

Maintain sales, contracts and install base information

Teams can update information such as product and pricing updates as well as validate contracts and more.
Data support services

Provide data support services

This may include logging tickets, testing new functionality and managing production releases.
Conduct audits

Conduct data audits and manage compliance

Data audits include developing trend reports, investigating variances and identifying data gaps.
Deliver platform training

Deliver Platform Training

Accelerate the on-boarding of new partners and users as well as ensure all documentation is maintained.

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Download the brochure for a full listing of activities that can be managed by the Concierge team.