Maximise your recurring revenue by empowering your channel partners

Keeping pace with the shifting market trends and developing world-class products and services is the focus of most vendors. Consequently, identifying and working with channel partners who can help manage change as well as continue to drive adoption of your technology is critical.

Through improved visibility of your product renewals, helps vendors earn more revenue from any recurring transactions while enabling your channel partners to proactively process and renew customers on your behalf. 



With a complex and vast network of channel partners, tracking every recurring opportunity can be a challenge. has been developed to remove the burden of processing recurring revenue transactions such as maintenance renewalscloud consumption contracts and other monthly subscriptions.

Using specifically designed automated workflows, you and your channel partners can be notified by email with a pre-prepared quote, reducing the time spent reconciling data against multiple systems and ensuring that not a single opportunity is missed. 

Features for Vendors

Empower Your Channel
Chasing your channel partners to close out quotes can be a pain. Through automatic alerts, your partners can login to to process quotes before they expire or even before you’ve even noticed they were due.
Convert Quotes to Cash
Save hours, even days you and your channel partners spend on sending email requests, re-quoting and reconciling data as any update made to a quote, contract or asset detail in will automatically be published to all other systems linked to it.
Partner Programs
Deploy your product launch campaigns and partner training programs using our Channel Intelligence module. Track which partners are working hardest for you to enable you to manage your partner program statuses.
Predict sales trends
Live dashboards and reports offer key statistics such as contract status, opportunity pipeline and renewal rates to help users and managers track the performance of their programs.

How iasset benefits you?

Depending on your role in an organization, offers you numerous advantages.
renewal specialist

Renewal specialists

Simplify your time-consuming tasks.

As a renewal specialist, you’re probably finding that the amount of renewals and quotes to process on any given day keeps growing not shrinking creating the feeling that you’re never on top of your workload.

It can even be challenging just to stay on top of the large value transaction quotes that are really important to the business, let alone think about the smaller value ones.

renewals leader

Service Renewals Leader

Better Forecasts. Meet your revenue commitments.

As the leader of a team processing renewals and other recurring transactions, it’s vital you have insight into the pipeline coming through in any given period and how effectively each transaction is being handled by your team and the channel. For example you are probably asking yourself:

Are there bottlenecks occurring at a particular stage?

Are you on track to meet the revenue target for that month?

business executive

Business executive

Quick insights. View exceptions. 

As an executive, you’re typically short on time and want information about your business presented in a quick and easy way.

It’s critical you get insights into how your business is performing and what areas need immediate attention to ensure targets and commitments are met. By being able to more accurately forecast revenue, it can alleviate pressure as well as help plan and manage big teams. 

technical leader

Technical Leader

Maintain integrity of your IT environments

As the technical lead for your organization, it’s vital you maximize system performance while managing the increasing complexity of IT products and services available on the market.

With business teams often evaluating software without your knowledge or until they are well down the decision path, it can be challenging to ensure your application environments are maintained to the highest integrity and without compromise.

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