Better customer engagement translates to more business in the long run

Ensuring your customers are satisfied is an essential part of your role in the channel. Adding value beyond the sale and service of the products you are supplying via training or customer support helps create sustainable and long-term relationships.

With, access unparalleled insights into all your customers’ install base (regardless of which vendor or distributor they have been sold through), to assist in planning renewal/upgrade cycles well in advance of due dates. 


Generate monthly reports

At the click of a button, generate a monthly or quarterly report of all items for a given customer, which can be shared in meetings or simply emailed to them. Providing this information early and often will enhance your relationships, make the renewal cycle smoother as well as reduce the likelihood of late or delayed renewal payments. 

Consequently you will be able to better engage with your customers, helping to increase your share of their annual budgets.


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