Increase your revenue by proactively managing renewals; be alerted of expiry dates

With so many renewals of various transactions sizes, keeping up to date with when they are all due is challenging. Ensuring these renewals are processed before expiry is critical, not only to your business and cash flow, but also to your customer’s compliant and secure IT environments. offers VARs a single platform through which to manage all renewals (regardless of vendor or distributor) and your customer’s assets. By being proactive, VARs will benefit from increased renewal revenue and improved customer satisfaction.    



As the critical interface to the end customer, you as the VAR, play a major role in supporting the deployment and upkeep of new technologies and services as well as ensuring secure and compliant IT environments.

For large multinational customers, the complexity of managing an IT environment is growing not shrinking and they may have thousands of assets to manage consequently struggling to ensure each and every one is compliant and secure for their organizations.

Using, you can differentiate yourself as a VAR by helping your customers maintain the product lifecycles of their IT hardware, software and cloud assets. 

Features for VARs

Grow transaction values
Delivering consistent growth requires proactively driving renewal revenue opportunities. You can be auto-alerted of approaching contract renewals, Expand and Extend opportunities as well as tech refresh, helping grow transaction values and creating better returns to your organization.
Better customer engagements
With greater insight and visibility into your customer’s asset bases, you will be able to proactively plan renewals with customers months in advance. Armed with accurate asset information, you will impress your customers, leading to growth in the account longer term and reduced churn.
Implement win-back campaigns
Ever wished you hadn’t lost that renewal? With, you can create win-back campaigns to proactively re-target previously lost renewal opportunities. Segment your campaigns by product, vendor or distributor, geography and more.
Helping keep customers compliant
By proactively identifying when critical IT assets need renewal or replacement, you are helping your customers mitigate against the exposure to potentially harmful threats that could compromise end-user networks.

How iasset benefits you?

Depending on your role in an organization, offers you numerous advantages.
renewal specialist

Renewal specialists

Simplify your time-consuming tasks.

As a renewal specialist, you’re probably finding that the amount of renewals and quotes to process on any given day keeps growing not shrinking creating the feeling that you’re never on top of your workload.

It can even be challenging just to stay on top of the large value transaction quotes that are really important to the business, let alone think about the smaller value ones.

renewals leader

Service Renewals Leader

Better Forecasts. Meet your revenue commitments.

As the leader of a team processing renewals and other recurring transactions, it’s vital you have insight into the pipeline coming through in any given period and how effectively each transaction is being handled by your team and the channel. For example you are probably asking yourself:

Are there bottlenecks occurring at a particular stage?

Are you on track to meet the revenue target for that month?

business executive

Business Executive

Quick insights. View exceptions. 

As an executive, you’re typically short on time and want information about your business presented in a quick and easy way.

It’s critical you get insights into how your business is performing and what areas need immediate attention to ensure targets and commitments are met. By being able to more accurately forecast revenue, it can alleviate pressure as well as help plan and manage big teams. 

technical leader

Technical Leader

Maintain integrity of your IT environments

As the technical lead for your organization, it’s vital you maximize system performance while managing the increasing complexity of IT products and services available on the market.

With business teams often evaluating software without your knowledge or until they are well down the decision path, it can be challenging to ensure your application environments are maintained to the highest integrity and without compromise.