Take control of your valuable data via a single platform

With an ever increasing volume of data accumulating across your business both through vendor lines and your VAR base, leading distributors are constantly trying to keep on top of their data. Mining your data flows for opportunities and leveraging that data is for most, a daily struggle usually involving complex spreadsheets and disconnected systems.

By integrating all of your data feeds into a single platform, iasset.com offers distributors a seamless way to proactively manage Renewals, Expand or Extend sales opportunities and even technology refreshes, regardless of how much data or how many vendors you have.


Why iasset.com?             

Sitting between the vendor and the VAR, distributors are often the critical pivot point to help vendors drive adoption of products and services through the VAR or SP channels. This includes ensuring VARs help end customers stay compliant through proactive follow-up on maintenance renewals.

In a competitive market, proactively managing product life cycles can offer distributors the differentiator they need to consistently demonstrate their value to vendors. By maximizing renewal revenue and an efficient supply chain, vendors will react more favourably towards those who help reduce their transactional or processing burdens. 

Features for Distributors

Proactively manage your renewals pipeline
Being able to forecast and plan your renewal revenue can be challenging without the right systems. With iasset.com, you will know where your business came from, know where it is going to come from and how you can meet your targets.
Manage usage and other MSP contracts
Not every contract is a straightforward annual maintenance renewal. Managed Service Provider contracts can typically include consumption or subscription based services, which can be challenging to monitor and bill. iasset.com offers distributors a platform to collect data and bill for any type of recurring service.
Identify cross-sell opportunities
Driving business growth in a market with declining margins is your priority. Even small value renewals, when aggregated, represent an important stream of revenue for distributors. In addition, the renewal cycle can present an opportunity for distributors to help VARs Extend customers into other product ranges.
Implement win-back campaigns
Ever wished you’d not lost that renewal? With iasset.com, you can create distributor level win-back campaigns to proactively re-target previously lost renewal opportunities. Segment your campaigns by product, VAR, geography and more.

How iasset benefits you?

Depending on your role in an organization, iasset.com offers you numerous advantages.
renewal specialist

Renewal specialists

Simplify your time-consuming tasks.

As a renewal specialist, you’re probably finding that the amount of renewals and quotes to process on any given day keeps growing not shrinking creating the feeling that you’re never on top of your workload.

It can even be challenging just to stay on top of the large value transaction quotes that are really important to the business, let alone think about the smaller value ones.

renewals leader

Service Renewals Leader

Better Forecasts. Meet your revenue commitments.

As the leader of a team processing renewals and other recurring transactions, it’s vital you have insight into the pipeline coming through in any given period and how effectively each transaction is being handled by your team and the channel. For example you are probably asking yourself:

Are there bottlenecks occurring at a particular stage?

Are you on track to meet the revenue target for that month?

business executive

Business Executive

Quick insights. View exceptions. 

As an executive, you’re typically short on time and want information about your business presented in a quick and easy way.

It’s critical you get insights into how your business is performing and what areas need immediate attention to ensure targets and commitments are met. By being able to more accurately forecast revenue, it can alleviate pressure as well as help plan and manage big teams. 

technical leader

Technical Leader

Maintain integrity of your IT environments

As the technical lead for your organization, it’s vital you maximize system performance while managing the increasing complexity of IT products and services available on the market.

With business teams often evaluating software without your knowledge or until they are well down the decision path, it can be challenging to ensure your application environments are maintained to the highest integrity and without compromise.